Nepenthes ampullaria Jack



Nepenthes ampullaria from the Lake Plains Area / Irian Jaya

Note the size of the N. ampullaria pitchers in the foreground.



Nepenthes ampullaria grows in deep forests at 80 m above sea level

Nepenthes ampullaria growing at Doorman top at comparable high altitude of 1400 m above sea level



Nepenthes ampullaria is one of the most widespread species of Nepenthes. The typical habitats are light forests, where it is oftenly associated with other lowland species like Nepenthes bicalcarata or Nepenthes rafflesiana. But itt can be also found in secondary habitats, like roadside-embarkments... . It is spread in Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra and New-Guinea. Here it is growing usually at low altitudes, just above sea-level, but sometimes it can climb up to 1500 m alt.. Remarkably, it is oftenly growing in dense clusters, where the 'leaf-lamina' is reduced and the pitchers are growing side by side. Upper pitchers are found very rarely. The shape of the pitchers is all over the area very constant, but the colour is varying remarkably, so, besides the usual spotted form, green forms can be found and some individuals in Borneo bear completely red pitchers.


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